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The Riverkeepers Storyline flowed through the following episodes:

Episode One:  The River

The teacher opens the Storyline with a picture book, The River by Bee Willey.

Students share what they know about rivers and watersheds.  The teacher introduces the Crooked River watershed.

Episode Two:  Characters

A visitor arrives and talks of the need for stewards for the Crooked River watershed.  She challenges students to become the first Riverkeepers of the Crooked River.  She assigns each grade level a region of the watershed.  Students become Riverkeepers-in-training.

Episode Three:  Watershed Regions

Riverkeepers-in-training research and record information about the geology, flora, and fauna of their region of the Crooked River.  They create a frieze of the setting, including the plants and animals that live there. 

Episode Four:  Daily Rhythms

Riverkeepers-in-training write about a typical day at their region of the river. 

Episode Five:  Riverkeeper Training

Riverkeepers-in-training work like scientists to gain knowledge about their region of the river through observation, study, and research in the field. 

Community Support Includes:

Crooked River Watershed Council

Central Oregon Children’s Forest

U.S. Forest Service

Bureau of Land Management

Prineville High School and Middle School Teachers and Students

Local Artists

AmeriCorps Students

Local Businesses

Episode Six:  Incidents

Problems arise in the Crooked River regions.  Riverkeepers-in-training work to study the problems and propose solutions. 

Episode Seven:  Ceremony Preparation

Using the knowledge gained in their regional studies, Riverkeepers-in-training design stewardship plans for their regions.  They formulate a way to educate others about the importance of their river and its need of human support. 

Episode Eight:  Community Celebration

A community celebration is held.  Riverkeepers-in-training present their region’s stewardship plans.  Riverkeepers receive badges.  The community celebrates its river and the first Crooked River Riverkeepers.

Episode Nine:  Reflection

Riverkeepers reflect on the process of becoming a riverkeeper and determine how they can continue the ongoing responsibility and stewardship.

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