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The following is available from Heinemann Books:

  1. Creating Worlds, Constructing Meaning: The Scottish Storyline Method

The following are available from Storyline Design:

  1. Collection One of 20 Storyline Topic Outlines - $20

  1. Collection Two of 20 Storyline Topic Outlines - $20

  1. The Castle - $15

  2. Underground to Canada - $15

  3. The Ancient One The Halami-A Lost Native American Tribe- $15

  4. Novel-Based Article Series by Sallie Harkness - $15

See list of Individual Outlines that are also available from Storyline Design for $5 each.

All outlines above available from Storyline Design can be requested in writing payment made payable to Storyline Design at:    Storyline Design

                                                     PMB #246

                                                     333 S. State Street

                                                     Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Also visit Colleen Vallerga’s Storyline Resources website for more outlines.

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The Scottish Storyline®Method

The Aquarium

The Bakery

The Campaign

Capital Tours

Euro Toy Store

The New Neighbors

The New Playpark

Our Land

Photography Studio

The Restaurant

Space Adventure

The Toy Store

Travel Agency

The Tree

Trucking Company

The Farm

The Flower Shop

The Hotel

Japanese Visitors

Jumble Sale

The Amusement Park

Ancient Egypt

The Borrowers

Chicken Sunday

The Circus

Health is Above Wealth

The Interpretive Center

Miss Rumphius

National Parks

The Nursery

Oceanographic Expedition

The Oregon Trail

Radio Station

The Rain Forest

The Ugly Dragon

Composer’s Notebook

Detective Agency

Endangered Species Zoo

The Farm #2

The Forest

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